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Setting Goals for Success!

I’m sure if we look back, many of us can think of ample times when we decided to do something different to improve our lives.  As we begin, we are excited and motivated - we may tell people about our new goals, we may purchase all of the necessary tools to help us succeed (thinking that it will make us more successful) and we genuinely want to strive for excellence in every regard.

 Unfortunately for most people, this excitement and motivation ends all too quickly and we are left frustrated with ourselves.  The main reason this happens is because we don’t set reasonable and attainable goals.  We have an end goal, but we lack the clarity of how to reach that goal which ultimately is the reason for failure.   

“I want to lose weight.”

“I want to eat healthier.”

“I want to keep my house cleaner.” 

All of these are great ideas, but rather than giving ourselves these broad, sweeping ideas, we are much successful when we focus on achievable, step by step goals to help us reach those end desires.  We do not need to fix all of our bad habits at once, but rather, we need to take small steps to get there.  We often gradually fall into bad habits, so we can’t just assume that we can change all of our habits overnight and easily stick with it. 

For example:

“I want to lose weight.”  

  1.  I will exercise 30 minutes per day, 3x per week (There are 7 days in a week - it’s very attainable to say you will exercise less than half of the week).  Once you have achieved this goal, if you want to step it up, you may gradually increase your exercise to 4x and 5x per week.  Or, you may recognize that 3x a week is attainable and therefore you will stick with this.
  2.  I will make an egg casserole on Sundays so that I have breakfast for every day of the week. (This is very different from “I will no longer skip breakfast” - that’s a sweeping, potentially unattainable statement if you are not making goals for how to do this).  Once you have achieved this goal, you may make another goal such as making a large salad on Sundays so that you have a healthy lunch every day. 

“I want to eat healthier.”

  1.   I will not buy chips.  (rather than “I will cut back on junk food” which is a sweeping statement).  Once you have achieved this goal, you may continue to “I will not buy candy/chocolate/sugar” etc.
  2.  I will eat one serving of vegetables with each meal. (Rather than “I will eat more vegetables).  Once you have achieved this goal, you might say that you will have one serving of vegetables with each snack too.  Or perhaps two servings of vegetables with each meal. 

“I want to keep my house cleaner.”

  1. “I will put my clothes away at night.” (Rather than, I will keep my bedroom clean.”) 
  2. “I will sweep the floors on Saturday mornings.”  From this, you might sweep them twice a week.  Or sweep the floors and vacuum the carpets.

If you make achievable goals that you slowly increase, you will see much greater results and therefore have much greater success in your life.  This will stop you from feeling so frustrated with yourself when you set out to do something but “fall off the wagon” some short amount of time after.  When you achieve your goals, you feel much more positive and self-confident which will help you to continue to become the best version you can be of yourself.

Set yourself up for success - it’s the only way to win!!!

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