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How does a Holistic Nutritionist differ from a Dietician?

A Holistic Nutritionist and a Dietician are both qualified to make recommendations regarding one’s diet.  The difference lies in the training and approach.  Dieticians usually base their recommendations on the Canada Food Guide.  They often provide dietary guidelines to treat the symptoms of an illness and may recommend things that aren’t natural such as artificial sweeteners or margarine.  In addition, they are not trained in the use of nutritional supplements. 

A Holistic Nutrition looks at a person as a whole and works towards getting at the root cause of an illness or imbalance.  Their recommendations will be based not only on diet, but on lifestyle and nutritional supplements as well.   They look at each person as an individual with unique needs. 

How does a Holistic Nutritionist differ from a Naturopathic Doctor?

A Naturopathic Doctor is considered a Doctor of Natural Medicine and would have more in depth training in regards to disease as well as more access to different testing methods. 

Does a nutritional consulation fee include testing?

The initial consultation may include BIA and Cortisol testing, however if we feel that more in depth testing is required, we will recommend this to our clients. 

Is a Holistic Nutritionist covered under benefit plans?

If you have coverage for “Nutrition,” you will be covered.  Please check your coverage and call your provider if necessary. 

 Is there continued support given after an initial consultation?

Of course!  If you have a simple question, you are free to call and/or email at anytime for continued support should a question or need arise.  However, in order to serve you best, if your need is beyond a 5 minute phone conversation/email, we recommend you make a follow up appointment so we can fully discuss your issues.

Does BASE Allergy Therapy hurt?

Not at all.  The muscle testing portion is non-invasive and the therapy session is so relaxing that people often fall asleep. 

How long does a BIA test take?  

The actual test takes less than a minute, but appointments are made for at least 15 minutes in order to discuss the results and prep for the test. 

Will your diet plan fit easily into my lifestyle?

We strive to make everybody’s diet as easy to incorporate into their specific lifestyle.  Many people prefer our weight loss diet because of how easily it incorporates into their lifestyle and because of the results they get.  When food intolerances are involved, some people have a difficult time in the initial transition phase but in order to make this as easy as possible, we always provide recipes and meal ideas.