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Hair Analysis Testing

The quantitative measurement of elements in biological samples such as blood, urine, and hair has been used clinically for decades. Historically, elemental analysis has been used primarily to determine whether a person has had excessive exposure to toxic elements such as lead, mercury or arsenic: the heavy metals that are known to cause serious health problems. Toxic elements concentrate in soft tissue rather than blood or urine, so hair analysis is uniquely suited for measuring toxic elements. Elemental analysis also provides information on the absorption and assimilation of nutritionally important elements (e.g. iron, copper, magnesium. potassium etc.), making it useful for assessing nutrient deficiencies and imbalances as well.

 Guidelines for Assessment:

  1. If the hair has been treated with colour, please wait 6 weeks from the date of colouring. 
  2. If a medicated shampoo (ex selenium-containing anti-dandruff shampoo, or lead-containing grey removing shampoo) is commonly used, patient should discontinue and use a non-medicated shampoo for 3 days prior to collection.
  3. Hair should be free of gels, oils or hairspray on day of collection.
  4. Wait a minimum of 1 hour after washing hair before collecting sample and avoid vigorous exercise prior to collection. 
Note: the hair will be collected and sent away to a lab.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for results.
Hair Analysis Testing Cost: $99