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“My eight year old daughter complained of stomachaches her whole life and we never knew what to do about them. Not only was Meaghan able to detect what was bothering her, but she was able to clear her body of those intolerances so that my daughter could continue to live a normal life and eat the same foods that once bothered her - this time, without a stomachache!”

Selene, Sarnia

"Over the past ten months I have tremendous success with weight loss, losing 120 lbs and Meaghan has played a very big part in that. Her expert advice regarding nutrition was crucial to breakthrough any weight plateaus and keep my body burning calories and fat efficiently. Also, having my Bioimpedance Analysis done every 4-6 weeks with Meaghan brings clarity to how my body is changing through the process. I highly recommend that you add Meaghan to your team of health experts!"

Bill, Sarnia

"I went to see Meaghan because I was always sick with cold after cold and I was completely run down. I had zero energy and was only able to get sleep with taking 3 tablets of a highly addictive prescription sleep aid. I am now feeling great and I am totally off the prescription sleep medicine. Meaghan is great because I feel and know that she truly cares about her clients and she contacts me periodically to see how I am doing which means a lot."

Jessica, Sarnia

"Before visiting Meaghan I had already had improvements after visiting another health practitioner.   I was still experiencing some symptoms when I made an appointment with Meaghan.  Following the BASE Allergy Therapy testing I learned that I had Candida and besides avoiding gluten and lactose I also needed to avoid sugar.  This seemed to be the final piece to the puzzle.  While following this new suggestion and taking a natural health drop the symptoms gradually cleared up.  In five weeks the dizziness was gone as well as the little heat spells.  A little extra bonus -- I also lost six pounds.   I feel so much better!!  I feel I will always have to be aware of my diet to stay at this level.  I am so grateful for the knowledge!  Thank you Meaghan."

Carol, Petrolia

"For several months I had been dealing with a very irritating, mysterious rash on different parts of my body.  I had no idea where it was coming from and I know the steroid creams prescribed by my doctor weren't actually fixing the root cause.  Meaghan was able to determine what was causing the rash and recommended some diet changes and supplements to clear it up permanently.  I highly recommend her services."

Dave, Sarnia

 "I have been working with Meaghan to help me improve my health since February, 2012, and I have always been completely satisfied with the services/results. Meaghan was able to find the health problems that I had and what supplements I needed for my conditions. Meaghan is an excellent nutritionist, very professional and experienced. Also Meaghan has always been available to answer any of my questions and demonstrated that she was/is very devoted to her job and her clients.  Thanks to her, I’m enjoying my life again!

Thank you Meaghan!!"

Alina, Sarnia

“At one point in my life, I started having digestive troubles.  I quickly linked the problem to wheat, and avoided it for over a year.  While this fixed my problems, I didn’t like the thought of never being able to eat wheat again.  Meaghan was able to clear me of this food intolerance and now I can eat my favorite food whenever I want - pizza!”

Sean, Sarnia